Jersey teenagers to make informed decisions about sex?

Young people in Jersey are being encouraged to make informed choices when it comes to sex, which may result in some wearing condoms.

The Pure in Heart campaign is being run by the Catholic Church and aims to educate teenagers about all of the options available to them, BBC News reports.

Mary Cahill, who is a supporter of the initiative, thinks it is important that there are is a range of advice given to young people.

"Attending the session helps young people to be able to make informed choices and empowers those who want to wait to have the confidence to know it is ok," she added.

For others, the informed decision may be just to buy condoms online and start practicing safe sex.

One celebrity who has come out in backing of this pastime is Lady Gaga, with the Bad Romance singer stating although it is a "taboo" subject, parents should educate their children from a young age.