JLS singer says will now only use condoms with his face on them

It's been about a month since pop band JLS teamed up with Durex condoms to provide promotional packs with their faces on the boxes.

And now singer Oritse has opened up and said that he will only be using prophylactics that bear his visage from now on, in spite of the fact that he admits he was given products featuring his fellow band mates, the Sun reports.

So determined is he to stick to his own guns, the star opted to head to the shop to purchase some more, rather than use those branded with either Aston, JB or Marvin.

"I still prefer to use my own," he remarked. "I never get embarrassed about using condoms or buying them, no way. It's part of the movement."

Oritse went on to express his belief that "no glove, no love" is right, which could very well be true for an increasing number of British teenagers.

According to a recent Superdrug survey, 15 per cent of this demographic would be more likely to purchase condoms online or in person if they were backed by JLS.