Joan Collins: Sex helps you stay young

Adults across the UK fearful of losing their youth may want to stock up on condoms to make sure they are ready for plenty of adventures between the sheets.

This is because Hollywood star Joan Collins has said in her book The World According to Joan - serialised by the Daily Mail - that a good sex life is key to helping people look young.

The former Dynasty star - who has appeared in more than 60 feature films - blasted the notion that older individuals cannot be attractive without the help of plastic surgery, suggesting intercourse is a better way to remain youthful than going under the knife.

"Let's not forget the importance of sex when it comes to looking and feeling good. Many of the world's most celebrated women have been sexually active well into middle age," she added.

Collins explained French actress Sarah Bernhardt, designer Coco Chanel and Mae West were known to have been busy in the bedroom in their older years.