Job stress 'is affecting sex lives'

Stress at work is affecting the sex lives of many female employees throughout the UK, new research has found.

Carried out by Grazia magazine, the survey revealed six out of ten women believe their bedroom antics are being significantly hampered by concerns about their job, the Metro reports.

Introducing products such as novelty condoms or sex lube might therefore be one way in which people choose to reignite the fire when getting saucy between the sheets.

According to the poll, an increasing number of women are feeling anxious about their professional roles, with around one-third putting in more hours in an effort to make sure their positions are safe.

Jane Burton, editor-in-chief at the magazine, said the findings come as a great surprise, adding: "It's clear the office is a source of stress and ambition has been replaced by anxiety."

Ms Burton pointed out a significant number of females are self-medicating just to get through the day, while almost half are thinking of becoming pregnant in order to spend more time away from the office.