Jodie Marsh speaks of A-lister sex opportunities

Jodie Marsh has revealed she has not been short of sex opportunities when it comes to the very rich and famous.

Speaking to Zoo as part of a raunchy naked shoot, the glamour model-turned-bodybuilder claimed she once turned down the chance to have a threesome with a married A-lister, while another well-known face missed out on getting down and dirty with the lads' mag favourite when he was unable to perform in the bedroom.

Marsh claimed she and the fellow celebrity headed back to her place for a bit of hanky panky - but the pair did not get to use any sexual aids, such as sex lube, as the man lost his nerve when she emerged in full bondage gear.

The tattoo-covered star - who once had her own reality show entitled Totally Jodie Marsh: Who Will Take Her Up the Aisle? - explained: "I couldn't believe it. That was just normal behaviour for me! He never did get to have sex with me after that - that was his only chance!"