Katy Perry slaps sex and condom ban on hubby-to-be

Russell Brand will have to keep his novelty condoms tucked safely away in his wallet for the time being as wife-to-be Katy Perry has served him with a sex ban until they've tied the knot.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, a source explained that the pop star is keen for everything to be "special" for their impending nuptials - the ceremony for which is to be held in India - and that includes their first night together as man and wife.

"Russell has reluctantly agreed," the insider continued.

Apparently, Katy will walk down the aisle in a traditional sari so as to please her Indian hosts - and her funnyman other half might like to make sure Rajasthan's luxury Taj Rambagh Palace Hotel vending machines are well stocked with glow in the dark condoms and the like, as this is where they will be staying following the wedding.

Or perhaps he could send out another timely tweet and renew his application to the Pope for some prophylactics.