Keira Knightley 'used Skype for sex face practice'

People may pull all kinds of expressions when getting frisky with their partner using glow in the dark condoms, but one celebrity who is likely to have her sex face down to a tee is Keira Knightley.

This is because the sultry star has revealed she used a mirror and Skype in order to prefect her facial movements during the throes of passion in her new film A Dangerous Method.

The Never Let Me Go actress noted she repeated her expressions through the communications service for director of the upcoming flick David Cronenberg.

Speaking to the Sun, the starlet explained sex is a big part of her character's persona in the motion picture, adding: "I asked psychoanalysts about it and they said, sex and anything like that is trying to release pent-up emotion."

Knightley admitted to being apprehensive about shooting the racy scenes between her and Michael Fassbender - who also plays a well-endowed sex addict in new film Shame - but changed her mind when realising the importance of the bedroom antics to the overall feel of the movie.