Keith Lemon 'hopes One Direction use condoms'

Keith Lemon has been espousing the benefits of young people wearing condoms when they engage in sexual activity.

The TV funnyman - who is starring in his own movie Keith Lemon: The Film - told omg! that he hopes popular boyband One Direction stay safe when going to bed with girls.

Lemon, who is a character developed by comedian Leigh Francis, explained the singers should wear condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy, claiming society is suffering because too many people are having babies at a young age.

He stated: "Because kids have kids and they don't know how to look after the kids because they're kids themselves."

One Direction have proven very popular with female fans after shooting to fame on TV talent show X Factor - and Lemon said he hopes none of the boys settle down too soon because they are going to have plenty of opportunities to hook up with different girls.