Kelly Brook: My sex drive has gone up 100%

Model Kelly Brook has revealed that her sex drive has skyrocketed as a result of all the exercise she's been doing.

The star posed for a series of raunchy shots in Cosmopolitan as she spoke frankly about her sex life, among other things.

"[My personal trainer has recently introduced me to] high-intensity training, like weights and dragging sandbags. I’ve always been into dance, yoga and Pilates, but this is totally different. I’ve felt incredible for it - so strong and more sexy. 

"My sex drive went up 100 per cent - I think it’s the hormones and testosterone from the weightlifting," she confessed to the magazine.

We can't imagine that her fiance and former Gladiator David McIntosh is complaining too much. 

She also revealed she wasn't self-conscious about her image, stating: "I've got rolls and boobs and I don't ever want to change."

The model spoke of how everyone talked at length about the inches on people's hips or arms. However, she said the most important bit was "the top five inches - what's going on in your head", pointing out how vital it was to have a healthy relationship with your body. 

Kelly's romance with David - also known as Tornado from former television hit series Gladiators - has frequently hit the headlines this year, after they got together at a New Year's Eve party.

However, the model dumped David him in February after believing he was more interested in fame than her but the relationship then took a different direction when they got engaged in March, having only just got back together. 

Closer magazine recently speculated that the television beauty was having second thoughts about the relationship, possibly because of its whirlwind and turbulent nature. 

While only time will tell whether or not Kelly makes it down the aisle, it's good to know she's looking after herself - and her sex life.