Kelly Osbourne: Use condoms

Kelly Osbourne has spoken out about being tested for HIV and has urged people to use condoms.

In an interview with E! online in light of World Aids Day yesterday (December 1st), the former wild child described how she was first screened for the virus when she was aged 17.

The newly svelte star said she had to be tested in order to get a green card to live in the US, but has taken to having yearly check-ups ever since.

Speaking about safe sex, the Dancing with the Stars contestant said: "It's so simple. All you have to do is wear a condom. It's not like anyone is asking you to do something really difficult and hard."

Osbourne commented that people need to change their attitude towards HIV as thinking "I'll never get it" makes individuals less inclined to protect themselves.

A number of other celebrities spoke out about the virus to commemorate World Aids Day, including Alicia Keys and U2's Bono.