Kim Kardashian's sex tape partner sings about former lover

Kim Kardashian's former lover has penned a new song about time between the sheets with his famous ex.

Rapper Ray J is to release the single entitled I Hit It First next week - and it seems the theme of the tune is a reminder to Kardashian's current partner about her previous trysts.

Reality TV star Kardashian is dating music superstar Kanye West at present, but she previously filmed a sex tape - and possibly used condoms - with Ray J in 2003.

The lyrics of the new song make reference to Gold Digger singer West, with one line being: "She might move on to rappers and ballplayers, but we all know I hit it first."

Ray J appears to be making little secret of the fact the song is about Kardashian, as the cover for the single is a pixelated image of the celebrity, while the video to accompany the release is said to feature a lookalike of her.