Knowledge of condoms to improve people's sexual health?

People need access to information about how to protect their sexual health, which could include the use of condoms.

Kumar Sangakkara, a Sri Lankan cricketer, wants to see individuals educated about how they can avoid contracting HIV.

He visited the Terrence Higgins Trust's (THT's) headquarters as part of his role as a Think Wise champion, which is a partnership between the International Cricket Council, UNAIDS and UNICEF.

"It is important that young people around the world have access to the right information to help them make informed decisions and break down stigma and discrimination," Sangakkara remarked.

Sir Nick Partridge, chief executive of the THT, said he was "thrilled" that the sportsman is using his popularity to promote such a good message.

At the moment, there are 86,500 people in the UK living with HIV.

Think Wise is to set up a number of community projects that will look to use cricket's appeal to improve young people's knowledge of the disease.