Lack of condoms causing STI increases in US cities?

A lack of access to condoms is among many possible reasons why levels of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have increased in US cities.

Local 12 reports that rates of hepatitis, Chlamydia and gonorrhea have escalated in the cities of Hamilton and Middletown, located near Cincinatti.

The former was forced to shut down an STI clinic three years ago - and this closure has been cited as a cause of the upturn.

Shawn Dempsey, Hamilton City health commissioner blamed the higher STI numbers on the clinic closing its doors, which has led to locals having to travel further afield to be tested.

Mr Dempsey explained cuts in funding are hampering not only the amount of care available but also the educational side of the problem.

"If people don't understand how to protect themselves, how to protect others, it certainly makes a big impact. It becomes very problematic for us," he added.