Lady Gaga: My sex dreams are weird!

Lady Gaga has never been known for her shy, retiring ways. Now, the outlandish singer has confessed that it was her own racy dreams that inspired a particular song - Sexxx Dreams - on her latest album.

The artist told Kiss FM: "In my mind when I picture sex dreams, it's so bizarre! It's me standing there with some massive couture creation, staring at a blow-up doll or something. That's what my sex dreams are like. My sex dreams are weird!''

Ever one to shock and surprise, the Poker Face and Bad Romance singer then confessed to thinking about other people while having sex as part of her wild fantasies.

Typically, her lyrics leave little to the imagine - Damn you were in my sex dreams; Doing really nasty things; Damn you were in my sex dreams; Making love in my sex dreams.

Another track on the album, MANiCURE, follows a similar theme, as Gaga invites the addressee - whoever that may be - to put their hands all over her body parts, throw her on the bed, squeeze her, tease her and to do as she has asked.

Reviewing the album, the Guardian simply stated that one of the ten things learnt from the album ARTPOP was: "Lady Gaga enjoys having sex." 'Nuf said.