Leicestershire teenagers using more condoms?

The benefit of using condoms may be visible in Leicestershire as teenage pregnancies have fallen to their lowest level in ten years.

Some 323 girls under 18 were with child in 2009, which is down on the figure of 401 from the year previous, the Leicester Mercury reports.

Part of the reason for this decline could be down to the fact more people may have been buying condoms online and taking proper precautions before having sex.

Katie Phillips, Leicestershire teenage pregnancy coordinator, told the news provider: "The reduction in numbers is very good. Some of the ways we have achieved this is by increasing the number of services for young people."

In conjunction with students at Gateway College, city health workers made a short film called Smart Girls Carry Condoms.

Research carried out by the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV recently found a 21 per cent increase in genital warts from 2000 to 2009, the Press Association revealed.