The most sex-positive cities in the world have been revealed in a new survey. Lazeeva the adult app store looked at 100 cities worldwide to assess how sex-positive they are based on a number of factors, such as access to contraception and sexual satisfaction.

Lazeeva performed a survey on how sexually active, satisfied and experimental residents of the cities were, which involved over 450,000 people. It also used its own data concerning porn viewing and figures from the UN on gender equality, access to contraception and LGBT-friendliness.

The results revealed some mixed findings, giving insight into where the most sexually assured people in the world live. The results from each of the sections were given a mark out of ten, with these marks then being combined to give an overall score.

Results revealed that the most sex-positive city in the world is Paris, which scored a total of 86.5 out of a possible 100, with its highest marks being awarded for swinging (9.9), being sexually active (9.9) and adult entertainment (9.7).

Rio de Janeiro took second place despite getting ten points for being both sexually active and sexually experimental. London was third with its highest marks being for LGBT friendliness (10), adult entertainment (9.8) and sex toy purchases (9.7).

The rest of the top ten were made up by LA, Berlin, New York, Sao Paulo, Las Vegas, Ibiza Town and Amsterdam.

Tilmann Petersen, chief executive at Lazeeva, said: “With recent reports stating that as a society we are having less sex, and with many countries facing an ageing population, we hope this study is the beginning of a conversation regarding the recognition of sex-positive cities worldwide.”

You can find the full results here.