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Love Island couple Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen have defended the safe sex campaign they are involved in. The couple recently posted photos on social media of them holding boxes of condoms while sharing kisses and hugs and wearing Christmas hats, which received a lot of negative comments.

The pair, who met on the popular TV show earlier this year, are involved in a safe sex campaign for Superdrug and used Olivia's Instagram profile to show off some of the festive-themed condoms that have been released by Pasante. The condoms feature different festive flavours, including Christmas pudding, adding a seasonal element to safe sex.

Olivia captioned the image on her Instagram, saying "Christmas has come early. Condoms that taste like Christmas pudding". However, fans were quite negative about the photos, calling them "cringe" and desperate.

Not prepared to take the insults lying down, Olivia spoke to the Daily Star about why she's standing by the images. She said: "I don't know why people don't want to talk about condoms or safe sex, but they're quite happy to watch us have sex on TV.

"Why shouldn't we try and do something funny?

"At least it will get people used to it, and start talking about it."

Alex agreed with Olivia's sentiments saying that the people saying awful and hurtful things about the images and the couple are obviously not comfortable with talking about safe sex. He also said that he thought the negativity was "childish".

The couple told the news publication that they aren't involved in the campaign for themselves and simply wanted to help others, as safe sex is an important subject.

Even their parents are proud of their stance on talking about condoms, with Olivia's dad tweeting her to say he was supporting her on it as it is helping young people feel okay about discussing safe sex and asking a partner to wear a condom.

Olivia said that she was happy to be part of taking the stigma out of using condoms and to get people talking about safe sex.

“People are planning to have more sex during the festive period, so everyone should chill and stop being awkward about it.”

We think their selfie is a great idea to help promote safe sex, what do you think?