Lovers may wish to improve their DIY skills

Guys who use products such as ribbed condoms to ensure they're a hit with the ladies, may also want to make sure their DIY skills are up to scratch.

This is because new research from Local Traders has found more than one-in-ten women prefer a man who is handy with a hammer rather than pleasing between the sheets.

In addition, 93 per cent of the females questioned claimed being good at DIY is a real plus point, with 80 per cent admitting they would be disappointed if their fella could not carry out basic jobs around the house.

A spokesman from the website - which was formerly named Rate and Recommend - said: "Many people believe a strong connection in the bedroom is the key to a long and successful relationship but for some women this doesn't seem to be the case."

He added it may come as a surprise some women prefer skills relating to DIY as opposed to abilities in the bedroom.