Luxury sex holidays 'rising in popularity'

The popularity of luxury sex holidays is rising in popularity among Brits - suggesting sex lube and other bedroom items are commonly packed in suitcases.

According to the Sun, sex breaks are being rebranded as posh getaways for sophisticated professionals who want to escape the British Isles so that their fantasies can be fulfilled.

Among the activities on offer on vacations of this type include swinging parties and erotic floor shows, while mirrored ceilings are a common feature in hotel bedrooms.

Joanne Jones, a divorcee from Falmouth, said she is happy to admit she heads abroad with the intention of getting down and dirty, stating: "I enjoy kinky sex with strangers and holidays are the perfect place to find a new partner and do something you'd never do at home."

She explained her favourite guys to get naughty between the sheets with are Cypriots, on account of them being willing to experiment and to hook up with anyone.