Imagre Credit: Instagram/macygrayslife Imagre Credit: Instagram/macygrayslife

American songstress Macy Gray has tackled a subject that many consider to still be taboo: sex toys. The singer's new single - called B.O.B, which is a euphemism for sex toys - deals with all the sensations a woman feels when she uses a vibrator.

This is a new realm for the artist, and indeed the music industry, which doesn't usually deal with female sexuality in such an overt way. While Macy knows that her song may not be taken in a serious way by all, she hopes that it will serve to encourage women to embrace themselves and explore their sexuality.

"[Women] have to be so private about [their sexuality] and their periods, whereas guys can just talk about their penises and whatever. Girls always have to be so ladylike about it. I hope girls can start talking and just say the crudest stuff," she told

"That was always the thing I'm worried about. I hope people listen to it and just love the song. I don't know if when you write, your intention is to be important. You're just doing your thing and you try to make it fantastic."

To accompany the song is an animated video that shows cartoon sex toys dancing around on a bed, adding a fun element to the mix that could help to show that sex toys should be fun and shouldn't be taken so seriously.

Macy thinks this song is important as women shouldn't have to be so quiet about their sexual needs. She also thinks that every woman should have her own sex toy.

The 47-year-old rose to fame with her single I Try. She has one of the most distinctive voices in the music industry, although this wasn't always a good thing for her. She has admitted before that she felt slightly torn over her vocal style and wasn't entirely sure how to deal with it.

If you want to hear Macy's new song and see her entertaining video, you can view it here.

What do you think about dealing with the topic of sex toys in such a mainstream way?