Madonna strips off to recreate Sex book pose

Madonna has stripped off to recreate a famous sexy pose she first adopted 20 years ago.

The pop star ditched her clothes and pouted provocatively at the camera to help promote her new perfume Truth or Dare: Naked - the same stance she took for her racy coffee table book entitled Sex, the Daily Mail reports.

Despite the raunchy publication coming out two decades ago, the now-54-year-old, whose hits include Like a Virgin and Vogue, does not seem to have lost her fondness for bearing all for the camera and appears totally naked on the advert - with just a carefully placed product logo protecting her modesty.

In the TV commercial for the fragrance, the star - who was previously married to director Guy Ritchie, but is now likely to be using condoms with current boyfriend Brahim Zaibat - says: "I know I shouldn't act this way, I know good girls don't misbehave, but I'm a bad girl."