Majority of Spanish women use condoms

The majority of Spanish women use condoms during their first sexual encounter, new research has shown.

Published in the journal Health & Place, the study revealed 70.4 per cent of females in the country make use of contraceptives when having sex for the first time.

Despite this figure - which is in line with statistics seen in neighbouring European nations - it was also shown that regional variations are rife in Spain.

Indeed, while just 55.8 per cent of ladies in Murcia engaged in safe sex first time round, this percentage climbed to 76.7 per cent for the Basque country.

Dolores Ruiz Munoz, researcher at the Public Health Agency of Barcelona, noted non-religious women were more likely to use protection than their more devout counterparts.

Ms Ruiz Munoz observed: "These factors which influence the context must be taken into account to ensure all women throughout Spain have equal access to contraceptives regardless of their socio-economic level."