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A Chinese man sought to win over the woman he loved with almost 1,000 boxes of condoms in Shanghai. The would-be lothario used 999 boxes of condoms to create a heart-shaped design in the middle of a public square to confess his feelings.

The man carefully created his design in the square in Harbin and arranged to meet the woman there. She arrived to find crowds of people gathered around the unusual spectacle before the loved-up man got down on one knee to ask her to be his girlfriend.

As if that wasn't enough, he also presented her with a bunch of flowers made out of thongs, serving as the icing on the cake.

According to Life News, the hopeful Romeo told his love that "On average, a man will have sex only 6,000 times in his life. I hope that every time I do, it will be with you." What more do you need from a romantic proposal?

After initially being shocked and calling her potential suitor a "psycho", the woman agreed to be his girlfriend, prompting the gathered crowd to cheer the new couple.

Once the couple had hugged and shared a kiss, the man announced to the crowd that they could help themselves to the condoms he had used to create the heart. In less than 30 seconds people had snapped up all of the boxes in a frenzy, with some people walking away with several boxes each.

The couple then left the scene in a Porsche convertible, which has led some people to speculate it may have had more to do with his success than his condom proposal.

While we agree that sharing the love and the condoms is a good way to promote safe sex, we aren't too sure what to think about this method of getting a girlfriend. He's certainly set the bar quite high for when he comes to propose marriage!