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A man in Florida was reportedly arrested after he flew into a jealous rage that resulted in him breaking his ex-wife's sex toy. Tristan Horne accused his ex-wife of cheating on him with her battery-powered friend and decided to take matters into his own hands.

The 36-year-old flew into a jealous rage after finding his ex-wife's vibrator during a visit to her home on July 1st. It seems he couldn't quite handle the idea that he had been replaced by the toy.

His ex-wife told police that they had not been married for long before it was nullified as she found out that Mr Horne was already married. While they went separate ways, it seems that his ex-wife's sons had taken to Mr Horne as a father figure and so he still visited them regularly.

According to the police reports, she had invited him to stay the night after a visit so that he could drive her to work in the morning. The two were in her bedroom when a disagreement became a fight.

During the altercation, Mr Horne broke into the bathroom where his ex-wife was and accused her of cheating on him with her sex toy, which he later broke in half. After this, his ex-wife and her 16-year-old daughter pushed him out of the house.

That wasn't enough for Mr Horne though, who allegedly broke back into the house later that night and stole his ex-wife's mobile phone.

Mr Horne was booked into Manatee County Jail on a charge of domestic battery, but was released the next day after posting a bail to the amount of $1,500 (£966).

It isn't clear what gave Mr Horne the impression that his ex-wife could cheat on him with an inanimate object, but he certainly wasn't happy about finding that she had a little extra help in the bedroom department.