Many Brits 'have sexy photos on their phones'

It appears British people are not quite so reserved in their bedroom antics as often presumed, judging by the finding of a new study.

Carried out by Good Mobile Phones, the study found 26 per cent of respondents who own a camera phone have got a sex photo or video stored on the devices - suggesting condoms are not the only naughty product they carry about their person.

According to the findings, 12 per cent of those questioned admitted to having rude snaps of their ex partner on their handset, while almost two-thirds of them revealed the files on the gadget are not protected by a password - meaning anybody could view the images if they get their hands on the mobile.

In addition, 34 per cent of the 1,976 over-18s polled said they have shown the photos or videos to friends.

The findings come after recent research from revealed Android users are the most likely to have a one-night stand, while those with an iPhone are more prone to dating people from work.