Many young Mexicans do not use condoms, research shows

New research has revealed many young people living in Mexico do not use condoms, despite being aware of the various birth control options available to them.

Conducted by the Mexican Youth Institute, the National Youth Survey found 25 per cent prefer to have sexual intercourse without them because it "does not feel the same" if they are used.

While 95 per cent of males said they knew about the various available contraceptives, only 89 per cent of females gave the same answer, an article posted on Fox News Latino continued.

Of the 59 per cent of respondents who claimed to have active sex lives, 63 per cent said they used some form of birth control, while 36 per cent did not.

According to the organisation, also known as Imjuve, the findings are important because many individuals in Mexico who recently contracted HIV had unprotected sex.

It is not only younger people who may need further education about the importance of condoms, as clinical director of the Terrence Higgins Trust Jason Warriner recently said older individuals may "not be familiar" with them or sexual health screening.