Mega Big Boy condom launched

Men on the hunt for extra large condoms might like to give Japanese manufacturer Okamoto their custom, as the company has just added the Mega Big Boy to its collection.

At 1.8 inches in diameter, this is one of the biggest condoms the world has ever seen - according to - and comes as part of a collection of complementary brands, including Smart Boy and Super Big Boy.

And, just in case the name of the product does not do it justice, the packaging it comes in features an elephant's head, complete with trunk and tusks.

The contraceptive, as Japan Sugoi puts it, "answers the growing demand for bigger condoms due to the improvement in male physique".

However, shyer boys keen on buying condoms might prefer opting for the Love-Box from Durex, which sees prophylactics packaged in a tin - available in a number of colours - with Pleasure featuring squares, bold shades, graffiti and stripes.