Men have to get 'right condoms for them'

Men need to make sure they are buying the right condoms, it has been suggested.

Dawn Stacey, a former family planning specialist and health educator, told males need to make sure they have "good condom sense".

She added there are a range of different products available and it is important that people find the most suitable latex option for them.

"There is so much information available about condoms that just figuring out fact from myth can be overwhelming enough," Ms Stacey remarked.

She noted that if a prophylactic device is stored properly, it will last for up to four years. However, individuals should not carry them in their wallets unless they intend to use them that day, because the friction created can cause problems.

Writing for the Huffington Post, Sari Eckler Cooper said condoms should always be used as a preventative measure when two people embark on a new relationship.