Men invited to take chlamydia test in the pub

Men shopping for condoms online may be interested to hear that health professionals will be encouraging Scottish males to check their sexual health while in the pub.

The Dumfries and Galloway Standard reports how staff from the local NHS team will be offering drinkers the chance to get tested for chlamydia while enjoying a pint.

Men at the Granary pub in Loreburn will be invited to "pee in a pot" and have the results sent to them.

Audrey Gardiner, manager of the Granary, said: "I believe the initiative will be well received and hopefully men will take advantage of the tests on offer as they are in a less daunting environment."

A spokesperson for NHS Dumfries and Galloway explained that young men are being targeted as they are less likely to get tested for sexually transmitted infections than women.

Teens aged between 14 and 19 are also being encouraged to practice safe sex with free condoms available under the C4U scheme.