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It seems that the biggest influencer for men as to whether or not they pop on a condom when having sex is not the risk of STIs but how 'hot' their partner is. A new study has found that men are less likely to opt for a condom during intercourse if they find their partner to be extremely attractive.

The more attractive a partner, the less likely they'll use a rubber, even if their partner is at high risk of already having an STI, according to researchers from the University of Southampton. It seems that as the hotness factor goes up, the ability to care about sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy goes down, reducing the use of condoms.

Some 51 straight men aged between 18-69 and living in the UK were included in the study, meaning that the control group was quite small and broader research would be needed to confirm the findings.

These men were asked to rate the attractiveness of 20 women based on facial photos. They were also asked to estimate each woman's chances of having an STI based solely on their looks. Finally, the men were asked to state their willingness to have sex with and without condoms with each of the women.

Of course, this showed that the more attractive a woman was, the more likely the men were to want to have sex with her. However, the willingness to use a condom reduced as the women were deemed to be more attractive. Some men were also more attracted to women they estimated to have a high chance of carrying STIs.

It was also found that men whobelieves they were more attractive thought that other men who were similarly 'hot' were also less likely to use condoms. They also admitted that they often didn't use condoms.

No matter how attractive you think you or your partner are, it is important to use the proper protection when having intercourse, which means condoms. This will help to stop the spread of STIs, reduce unwanted pregnancy and generally just improve safety for yourself and other sexual partners.