Men 'place emphasis' on meaningful relationships

While sex and condoms may well be on the brain for men most of the time, new research has found they also place great emphasis on a quality and meaningful relationship.

Carried out by AskMen UK - an internet magazine offering advice on aspects of manhood including health and love - the survey found 72 per cent of guys make long-term considerations when selecting a partner.

Indeed, 66 per cent of the fellas quizzed still believe in the importance of marriage.

Drew Lubega, editor of the online publication, noted men find a sense of humour the most attractive trait in a woman, with intelligence being the quality they dwell on least.

He added: "Women believed a sense of nurturing and caring was their partner's most important personality trait, with less of a focus on looks than men."

Ladies often recognise men of a certain age have more to offer in terms of emotional stability and financial security, Mr Lubega went on to note.