Men 'take risks to get women'

Men buying condoms in expectation of a steamy Valentine's Day may be willing to go that extra mile in order to get with a woman.

New research published in the Journal of Risk Research has shown that males are prepared to take a big risks in order to grab the attention of the opposite sex.

And it appears this has been the case for quite some time, with males in the evolutionary past braving tough conditions to get with women, find shelter and obtain food.

"Individuals who played it safe in that they did not take any risks at all, were unlikely to survive," the authors wrote.

The study also gave the fictional examples of Romeo, Robin Hood and Tarzan to show just how far guys are prepared to go when it comes to getting the girl, while also demonstrating how men in the real world are more inclined to take sexual risks, gamble and drive recklessly when there is a romantic element involved.