Men to wear condoms to prevent spread of HPV?

Half of men in the US may have human papillomavirus (HPV), a study has found, which highlights the importance of using condoms when having sex.

Investigators at the H Lee Moffitt Cancer Centre and Research Institute discovered as well as the 50 per cent infection rate, men are contracting the disease at a similar speed to that of women, Reuters reports.

Professor Anna Giuliano was a part of the project and said: "Men seem to have high prevalence of genital HPV infections throughout their lifespans."

HPV is known as the primary cause of cervical cancer, but it can also lead to the development of the condition in the neck, head and anus.

Individuals who want to reduce their chances of catching HPV may buy condoms online, as practising protected sex will reduce their chances of transmission.

The research building at H Lee Moffit was set up in 1993 and it currently has Comprehensive Cancer Centre status.