Men 'want more sex to solve relationship problems'

Men having trouble in their relationships might well buy more condoms to help solve the problems, judging by the findings of new research.

According to a report by relationship advice centre Relate, while women believe discussing issues and visiting counsellors is the best route to take, males think having more sex is the answer.

Entitled The Try To See It My Way report, the study has been conducted by David Wilkins of the Men's Health Forum charity and showed the different ways men and women deal with emotional distress.

Agreeing somewhat with conventional stereotypes, the findings showed guys feel uncomfortable when it comes to seeking professional help and consider themselves to be responsible for being the main breadwinner in the family.

Despite men being more likely to turn to sex as a form of reconciliation, it was found they find it more difficult than women to talk about the subject.

"One reason for this was thought to be that women more talk more seriously and openly about sex between themselves than men do," a counsellor from Relate told the Daily Mail.