Mexican youths 'opting not to use condoms'

A new study has revealed that one in every four young people in Mexico do not use condoms.

The research was carried out by the Mexican Youth Institute and found that despite 95 per cent of males and 85 per cent of females understanding the risks of unprotected sex, they still decided not to use the contraceptive.

Of those who admitted to failing to use condoms, 37 per cent said they had contracted a sexually transmitted infection as a result.

Other findings included the news that six in every ten couples decided to use contraception before engaging in sexual activity, while 15 per cent chose not to.

The results of the survey raised concerns due to the fact that 90 per cent of recent HIV cases in the country are as a result of people having unprotected sex.

Elsewhere, CNET recently reported that teenagers in China are attaching condoms to their mobiles in what is said to be the latest phone charm craze.