Michael Flatley 'involved in sex act while speeding in Ferrari'

Michael Flatley has admitted to being stopped by police while driving at 170 mph in a Ferrari. However, the speeding wasn't the only naughtiness he was getting up to.

The dance star revealed to TV host Piers Morgan during filming for the upcoming ITV show Piers Morgan's Life Stories that he was receiving oral sex at the time of the incident - something the cops failed to notice.

Flatley, the man behind hit Irish dance show Riverdance, opened up about the subject when Morgan referred to a passage on it from his biography. The 55-year-old said he remembers the incident well, adding he can also recall the young lady who performed the sex act, describing her as "very memorable".

When asked what he did when pulled over by the police, the multi-millionaire - who claims to have not been shy when it came to bedding women - said: "I told the truth, that it had been my dream to own a Ferrari and got a fine. They never knew about the woman though!"