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Sex toys of the future could make use of microscopic robots, according to experts. The sex toy industry has made a huge number of advances in recent years, but it seems that the best may be yet to come, as tiny robots could help you reach climax in the future.

Experts are predicting that a new type of sex toy could actually be a liquid gel filled with microscopic robots. This would allow people to effectively have sex over the internet, with the robots responding to signals.

This could mean that partners don't even have to be in the same country to be intimate with each other, as they would simply have to apply the liquid gel to their bodies. The other person could then send signals to make it feel as though they were touching their partner.

Gislaine Boddington, an artist researcher and director specialising in body responsive technologies, explained to The Independent: “You could respond to each other through the gel - you would feel each other’s orgasm and enhance it. It’s a way off but there is some pioneering work being done out there.

“Think about the benefits in situations where people have to be away from their families for long periods of time to work. The ability to still be intimate would strengthen or preserve relationships."

While the use of microscopic robots within sex toys is still some way off, sex toys that are controlled by other technologies are becoming more commonplace.

A number of vibrators have been created that can connect to smartwatches or apps, allowing people to customise their buzz and even control the toys. This is great for solo play or for allowing a partner who is elsewhere to control your pleasure.

"The way we give pleasure to each other will transform - if we can email each other why can’t we vibrate each other?" Ms Boddington continued.

The expectation of microscopic robots follows on from reports that sex with robots will ultimately be the more popular choice than sex between humans by the year 2050. This is perhaps due to the growing popularity of sex dolls and virtual reality porn.

No matter what predictions for sex toys come true, we're sure there will be some interesting inventions available on the market before we know it.