MIC's Spencer Matthews convinced he has an STI

A brilliant prank by a Sussex University student could not have gone better, as the youngster convinced Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews there was a chance he could have caught an STI.

The jokers uploaded a video to YouTube of the prank, the footage of which shows 'Dr David Imran' asking the reality TV star various questions about his nether regions, while the celebrity was on set filming for the Channel 4 hit series.

Not even the student referring to odours as "sardine-tinged" or "of the smoked salmon variety" set any bells ringing for Spencer that just perhaps he was not on the phone to a genuine sexual health professional. 

Nevertheless, at the end of the conversation when he is asked a ridiculous question about masturbation, the penny drops and the star realises he's been had, bursting out laughing and telling the caller he's "hilarious" and "a very funny lad".

One of the best ways to avoid catching unwelcome STIs - whether of the 'subtropical' variety as per this call (ahem) or otherwise - is to always use condoms.