Middle class couples 'more likely to film sex sessions'

It seems that the phrase 'a quiet night in' has a slightly different meaning for the middle class. A poll from YouGov has discovered that more and more middle class couples are opting to film their sexual exploits in an evening.

In fact, the exercise has become so popular that middle class lovers are around 70 per cent more likely to get the camera out during a passionate session than working class couples. This suggests that the age of the prude is over as more people opt to explore their sexuality.

The YouGov survey discovered that 12 per cent of British middle class couples have made their own sex tape. This is almost double the amount of working class (seven per cent) who have filmed themselves getting jiggy with it.

This means that getting the camera out for coitus is now a firm middle class activity, going alongside a day on the golfing greens and shopping trips to Waitrose. It also suggests that Britain as a whole is becoming a lot less sensitive to talking about and engaging in different forms of sexual behaviour.

According to Tracey Cox, relationship and sex expert, behind closed doors Brits have never really lived up to their prudish reputation. “I think British people don’t like talking about sex and keep it all terribly private, but when it comes to doing it, we’ve never been that prudish,” she said.

And it isn't just the middle class that have a penchant for taking their clothes off in front of a camera. The survey found that around 21 per cent of Brits aged over 39 have performed a sex act in front of a camera, whether a photo or video. 

A total of 15 per cent have stripped in front of a webcam, while around three-in-ten have taken nude pictures of themselves using a camera. 

But with an increase in the number of sensitive images being leaked, exactly how secure are people's sex videos or nude images? As the trend for exploring this side of sex grows in popularity, people should consider the type of security in place on their recording devices before they start filming.