Mike Tyson 'had sex with dozens of women a week'

Mike Tyson is likely to have gone through plenty of condom packets in his younger years, as he has revealed he used to have sex with dozens of women a week. 

In his forthcoming memoir, entitled Undisputed Truth, the boxing star reveals he took part in lots of orgies and had sex with hookers, even picking up a 50-something cashier at a shopping store, the New York Post reports.

Such was his addiction to sex that Tyson was sent to see a sex therapist. He admitted that while the experiences were empty, he just could not seem to stop.

In the book he writes: "It sounds trite, but I was probably looking for someone to mother me. My whole life I was looking for love from my mother."

The sports star - who has dated supermodel Naomi Campbell and Suzette Charles, a Miss America runner-up - claimed that instead of giving love to men, she gave them headaches and scalded them.