Miss America talks about safe sex

Miss America has spoken out about the importance of educating people in the country about the consequence of not using condoms.

Caressa Cameron addressed an audience at the seventh annual HIV Statewide Awareness Program in Indianapolis and described her observations about the lack of knowledge among many Americans.

She commented that ignorance is the main reason people fail to protect themselves from the virus and that more needs to be done to spread awareness.

The 22-year-old has a personal interest in the subject, having seen her uncle die as a result of Aids when she was eight years old.

Her family then went on to adopt a child with the disease.

"I think what's happened in this country is that we've developed sort of an apathetic attitude toward the disease because we've made such great strides in our medication," Indianapolis News reported Ms Cameron as stating.

The beauty queen is also the national goodwill ambassador for the Children's Miracle Network.