Most common sexual faux pas revealed

The top sexual faux pas have been revealed by a newly published piece of research.

A poll conducted by online UK pharmacy found that more than a fifth (21 per cent) of respondents have experienced a partner falling asleep while they were having sex.

But the most common sexual faux pas uncovered by the report, with 51 per cent admitting to experiencing it, was "misdirected thrusting". This was followed by calling out the wrong name during the act, with the top three completed by falling off the bed, which 39 per cent of the respondents owned up to.

It could have been worse though, as a quarter of those taking part in the poll stated they had broken a bed or "other items" due to the ferocity of their lovemaking. Around a half of the survey participants stated that fails in the bedroom had led to an argument with their partner. Half of the respondents also said their relationships had been put "under strain" due to sexual mistakes.

Some 29 per cent of the 2,379 respondents stated they had managed to sustain injuries during sex, reports the Independent, with cramps and carpet burns among the most common ailments picked up during a session.

The Fifty Shades-fuelled BDSM trend may be to blame for just over a tenth (11 per cent) of respondents admitting they had got stuck in outfits or restraints, while nine per cent revealing they had lost items in "inappropriate places". Perhaps this included sex toys, with sales of aids rocketing in the run-up to the film’s 2015 release.

Saying the wrong thing is a common problem in and out of the bedroom, with the fourth biggest sexual faux pas being a failure to do dirty talk well, while nearly a third of people taking part in the poll admitted they had been caught in the act by someone else.