MSM mobile service launched

A new service has been launched in South Africa that will offer safe sex information on mobile phones for men who have sex with men (MSM).

Health4Men Connect has been set up by the Anova Health Institute and will allow individuals to get up-to-date information and give them access to a panel of sexual health experts.

Those who take part may end up deciding to wear condoms during sex as a result of the guidance they receive.

Professor James McIntyre, head of the Anova Health Institute, said: "There is a marked lack of HIV-related information, specifically for MSM, in South Africa. We are hopeful that this service will help to remedy the situation."

He noted the initiative is not only aimed at HIV-positive men, as it also carries information on prevention.

It comes after a report - to be published in Aids and Behavior - found South African women who think HIV is man-made are half as likely to use condoms as those who accept it is real.