Muslim women call for 'condom awareness'

A group of women in Uganda are calling for awareness about safe sex and the importance of using condoms to be introduced under a new HIV prevention programme.

The Muslim ladies have claimed that the current teachings about abstinence and faithfulness are not in line with the realities of what happens in the country, Plus News reports.

Jazira Mugisa explained how the Koran allows men to have multiple wives and that in some cases husbands will have extra-marital relationships.

Meanwhile, Kate Kabatoro described how more needs to be done to protect women from contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

"We need to talk to our husbands and show them the dangers and impacts of HIV. We have to be open about condoms and encourage them to use them if they cannot be faithful," she stated.

In November, Plus News reported that a study by communications think-tank Panos had revealed that attempts to raise awareness about how HIV is spread was having little impact.