1280x720_logoThe following is a guest post by Brendan Quinn, Director of Operations at "Village by Village", who we are delighted to support with free condoms.

Village by Village is a small UK based charity that works in Ghana, West Africa. We have been operating in Ghana for 9 years and have worked in over 100 villages providing scholarships, toilets, clean water, school blocks, clinics and educational programmes for handwashing. Our mission is to reduce the needless suffering and deaths of children living in poverty in remote rural villages.

We believe in cost effective and transparent development that brings donors closer to the real lives of Africans. We know how important it is for donors to know that their money is going to the best places to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Village by Village has been supported by mycondom.com by donating free condoms to the charity. STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) are prevalent in the villages where we work. HIV and AIDS as well as unplanned pregnancies both in young adults and between long term partners. Often school and further education is not a possibility for those young women who become pregnant. Education and planning is an important part of reducing these issues, but so to is the provision of condoms. Ghanaians are reserved when it comes to discussing such issues but they are having sex just like the rest of us. Many are too embarrassed to purchase condoms from small stores that are often owned by relatives or people who are friends.

We provide the locals with condoms that have been donated by mycondom.com. At first there was a lot of embarrassment and reluctance to admit that they wanted the condoms. Nobody would actually say the word condom. Now, the team talks openly about such issues and are happy that we are able to provide them with condoms.

Village by Village expresses it's sincere gratitude to mycondom.com for supporting the work we are undertaking in the remote rural villages of Ghana. Together we are helping young men and women live healthier lives whilst providing them with choices about when to conceive. This means they can plan their lives and ensure that young women can follow their aspiration and receive a good and full education.

A huge thanks to mycondom.com

If you would like to support the work that Village by Village is doing with children in remote rural villages in Ghana then please visit our website at www.villagebyvillage.org.uk or you can donate here http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/btq.

Thank You!

Brendan Quinn
Director of Operations - Village by Village