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A naked driver was stopped by New South Wales (NSW) Police in Australia on Friday (25th) - and it transpired he wasn't alone, with a sex toy found perched on the passenger seat.

The driver was stopped as part of an Easter weekend crackdown on driving standards. Initially, the 30-year-old male was simply stopped for driving slowly, leaving police with several unexpected issues to deal with once they spoke to him.

Not only was the driver found to be naked with a sex toy to hand while behind the wheel, but he also had a disqualified licence, meaning he shouldn't have been driving in the first place. To add to his list of offences, he also failed a drugs test on the spot. As a result, he had to be taken to Orange Police Station to take further tests; he was allowed to dress first. Inquiries into the situation are ongoing.

Police stopped the driver as part of Operation Tortoise, which ran between March 25th and 28th, aiming to shine a light on driving standards in the area. More than 2,000 people were found driving above the speed limit; however, it seems just one was discovered unclothed in the company of a sex toy.

While sex toys are more often associated with women, it seems they are gradually becoming more popular among men.

Recently, sex toy manufacturer Lovehoney launched a brand new toy for men that simulates oral sex. The Sqweel XT is the first in the Sqweel lined to be aimed at males, and promises to offer "the ultimate toy for men on tap". The creators say it simulates oral sex with its two sets of 'Turbo Tongues' that provide variable pressure, pulsating patterns and speeds.