Image credit: Facebook/Tuppersex Talavera Image credit: Facebook/Tuppersex Talavera

A sex shop in Spain has caused outrage after creating a window display with sex toys that are decorated with a painted nativity scene. The festive display was showcased in the shop window especially for Christmas, but many passers-by have been less than impressed.

The Talavera de la Reina shop owner, Héctor Valdivielso, commissioned an artist to paint the traditional nativity scene on three sex toys - one each for the Virgin Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. The ceramic sex toys got a lot of attention, with many people taking photos. However, the display soon got negative attention, with people saying they found it offensive, according to The Local - Spain.

Mr Valdivielso wrote in a post on Facebook that a man ordered him to remove the nativity scene from the shop window, threatening that it wasn't taken down, he would remove it himself. He has also received insults and threats that have resulted in Mr Valdivielso calling the police.

The shop sign was also vandalised with someone painting the word 'pecadores' over it, which means sinners. A boycott against the store has also been launched by a group called the Children of the Virgin Mary, with groups standing outside the store in order to harass any customers.

Giving in to the pressure Mr Valdivielso took the display down and put up a poster in its place asking if he should put the display back. After asking people to vote on the matter, 78.55 per cent of the 988 people who voted said he should definitely put the display back, with many saying that he shouldn't give into blackmail.

Mr Valdivielso is now putting the display back in his window to celebrate Christmas, despite the negative responses he has received so far, which we think is pretty great.

What do you think, is a nativity display made out of ceramic sex toys a bit much?