Naughty grandma 'beds 200 toyboys in 2 years'

Anyone concerned that their retirement is going to be nothing but bedroom slippers and knitting needles might like to look to the aptly-named Carol Bone for inspiration - who's probably used more condoms than you've had hot dinners.

According to the Metro, the 62-year-old has thoroughly enjoyed two years of one-night stands after splitting from her long-term partner and becoming involved in online dating.

Discussing her sexual proclivity with the news source, Ms Bone - who has been married twice - said she prefers men aged in their 30s and 40s, although she's partial to a sex party or two and likes meeting couples.

Chaps closer to her own age just don't cut the mustard, with the grandmother-of-seven admitting she's not keen on beer bellies and fellows over 50 don't have enough stamina to keep up.

No doubt Ms Bone is very excited about the launch of the iFunSex, brought out last week by Mobile Force - an online dictionary of erotic poses and lovemaking techniques based on the Kama Sutra.