Nearly half of men 'have slept with someone on a first date'

Guys heading off on a first date may want to make sure they take a condom in their wallet, as it appears many fellas get lucky when meeting up with potential partners.

According to a Business Insider SurveyMonkey Audience poll, almost half of the male respondents claimed they have slept with a girl on the first date - markedly higher than the proportion of women who said the same.

A total of 1,660 people - 739 men and 921 women - were involved in the study and it was found that while just 28 per cent of females admitted to getting down and dirty on a first meeting, 45 per cent of males have done likewise.

But while women may be a little more reluctant to go the whole way on a first date, they appear just as happy as their male counterparts to go in for a kiss on these occasions - with around 70 per cent of both guys and girls having enjoyed a smooch.