New app launched to determine condom size

A new app has been launched to help men decide what size condoms they should buy.

Called Condom Size, the application includes a world ranking for penis length and girth, which should help guys work out which prophylactics are best suited to them, Appside reports.

Users are invited to hold their erect penis up against the screen of their phone or tablet device and measure it against the rulers - one is in inches and the other in centimetres - provided on either side of the screen.

They are guided through the different stages of the process, including taking a measurement from the base of the member to its tip.

The app - which its makers believe "educates the male population on the proper condom placement and helps determine proper condom size" - is available to buy from the App Store for 69p and could prove useful for those looking for the maximum protection against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy.